Dennis Siegel

Yet Another Weather App for Cyclists

This mobile weather app designed for cyclists displays all relevant weather information at a glance combined with recommendations and warnings in order to give the best possible preparation for a whole day.

Everyone who cycles to work or university needs to check the weather forecast at least the same morning to know whether it will rain or there will be storm in order to then decide what to wear or take public transports. Unfortunately, this takes some time and the forecast is usually not very detailed or varies from another what leads one to check several weather services. Facing this problem, I designed a minimalist mobile weather app that displays all relevant weather information at a glance, suggesting weather-related clothing and pointing out warnings which makes this app essential for everyday.

The minimalist icon-based interface is focussed on being clear and simple without the need of explanatory text. For instance, the chance of rain such as sun and cloud proportionality is visualized as icons with an appropriate opacity. Smartphone sensors like the gyroscope are used to lovely animate both the strength and direction of wind based on the users viewing direction. Colors and gradients meaningfully accentuate current temperatures and weather conditions.

The forecast of today and tomorrow is scrollable to allow the user to review the day in order to get specific information for each hour based on forecast data.

An mobile web application is currently in development.