Dennis Siegel

RFID Bikealarm

A mechanical bicycle lock, like a U-lock, should be attached to a solid and immobile object like a rack to ensure safety. Nevertheless, these racks are quite rare and popular, thus often occupied and although a bicycle lock prevents the bike from being carried away, as it fixes single parts like the frame or the wheels, other parts can be dismounted. Therefore an electronic system, consisting of several sensors, can extend the range of protection with only few components and less effort.

The ‘RFID Bikealarm’ is a motion sensitive electronic alarm system that is attached to the rails of a bike saddle. Featuring omnidirectional movement sensing to detect tiny movements or acceleration and a small siren emitting >120dB alarm sound to scare off potential thieves by arousing attention.

The internal microcontroller uses a complex algorithm to distinguish between a serious theft and harmless vibrations as it senses and adapts to the environment. The usage is quite simple: identify yourself by holding the RFID tag close to the case to lock or unlock the alarm system signaled by feedback sounds. The RFID-technology is predestined for achieving this simple and secure interaction because it doesn’t require any complex system, interaction or other devices – just a small tag.

The ‘RFID Bikealarm’ is meant to be a useful add-on to mechanical bicycle locks as it massively extends the range of protection with few components. It is low-cost, durable and easy to use. The internal battery can be charged by USB.


  • HfK Hochschultage 2014 – Bremen/GER
  • EX_IT – Best of HfK 2014 @ WWH Bremen/GER