Dennis Siegel

Photoreductive Pixel

Photoreductive Pixel is a modular installation of photosensors and LEDs arranged in an array. It visualizes physical-to-digital-to-physical converted images based on light and shadow.

Each pixel measures the actual light that falls on its backside and outputs it through a LED on the frontside. In between, the input is converted and therefore constrained into 8-bit. This results in a graduation of the output and further creates a monochromatic image. The pixels, within modules of nine, can be arranged into arbitrary formations by being plugged together.

The frontside creates an abstract, pixelated reflection and unified translation of what's happening behind. It encourages to interact and play with light and shadow. In reference to the New Aesthetic, a physical input is being converted into digital output and thrown back to the physical, like an echo.


  • Best of HfK Design 2012 @ Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus Bremen - Bremen/GER
  • B-Seite 2013 Festival - Mannheim/GER