Photoreductive Pixel

Photoreductive Pixel 1

Photoreductive Pixel is a modular installation build upon photosensors and LEDs arranged in an array. The amount of light falling on the backside is measured by photosensors, further computed by micro controllers and displayed by LEDs on the frontside. Every pixel has its own sensor and light emitting diode. They can be arranged within modules of nine pixels into arbitrary formations by plugging them together.

This results in a pixelated layer as an abstract representation of a defined space behind the installation, based on any brightness changes happening by interacting with the object. In reference to the New Aesthetic, a physical input is converted into digital output thrown back to the physical, like some sort of an echo that is being transformed into something different but familiar throughout its reflection.

Best of HfK Design 2012 @ Wilhelm Wagenfeld Haus Bremen – Bremen/GER
B-Seite 2013 Festival – Mannheim/GER